9.*.  COHERENT COMPASS 115M-5 Green Laser

    9.1.*  COMPASS-115M-5.

It's about the Solid-State Laser (Green Beam), the insides of which you can see in the next photo.


  With the Gas Laser (He-Ne), everything was simple. Lamp, tube, mirrors and a voltage source 1800 Volts, 6 mA (internal structure of the laser look here (ru)). With solid-state lasers operating in the visible range - a bit more complicated.
   Let's start with the fact that, unlike a Laser Pointer or Laser Diode from the DVD-RW, this laser does not ignite matches. Only 5 mW rated power capacity.
  However, before the experiment is worth paying attention to labels, warning of the danger. In general, you need to have glasses that protect it from these wavelengths range.

  OK. In our hands, a laser company COHERENT, COMPASS 115M-5, which gives a beam of green. The general idea of the size, are relative to cigarette packs (Marlboro 100), gives the following picture.

  White socket (on top, 4 pins) - the Power Connector. Through it, 5V - 6V served on the board of the voltage converter. The second - Control Connector. It is similar to a computer's, 15 pins connector. From it we are interested only two pins that easy switch the laser from "Off" to "On" (or 100% power).

  SCHEMATIC diagram, for this Laser, is very problematic to find. But if you go by principle of "Reverse Engineering", the problem is easily solved. Labels on the harness, which is connected to this laser device will answer all questions.

*** Labels on the wires: 'GREEN LASER PO3' & 'GREEN LASER ON / OFF'.
  There are two easy ways to make this laser "On" (it is assumed that the supply voltage (5V) is applied to the white connector, red - " + 5Volts", black - " - 5Volts"). 
* First - connect two wires, which coming from the Control Connector (15-pin connector, positions are clearly visible on the photo). These wires are kindly labeled "GREEN LASER ON / OFF".
* The second - to put the jumper as shown in the next photo.

  On the test bench, the laser is powered by the 5,4 V 2,5 A (DC). When power enabled, the current consumption is 0.1 A.  After short time, it gradually increases and floats around 0.3A. Current in operation, does not exceed 0.45 A.
  The delay, between applying power and the emergence of a laser beam, is about 5 minutes!!! It is caused by a complex internal structure of this laser head, the presence of internal cooling
system (two, thermoelectric, Peltier), system's tuning and so on.

  On this photo, the laser is in operation, and laser beam is turned on.

  So, now you know most important. This laser head with  the control system is powered by a 5V-6V (DC) and consumes no more than 0.5 A. White connector - power. Polarity by color.  Jumper or connecting two wires (from 15-pin connector) turn on the laser beam. Delay -  up to 5 minutes, depending on the ambient temperature. Additional parameters, such as power control, control signals, and so on, can be found on the website  Sci.Electronics.Repair (en.).

  The rest is only interesting to me. The rest is only of interest to me. For example, internal design, what in the middle, system control, power consumption and other things that can be useful to extract from broken laser head.

  It makes no sense to open the laser head, if it still works well. If it do not operate properly -  another matter. So, anyway, I had a few broken lasers, which have been successfully "dissected" and tested.

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