Как запрограммировать MSP430F2011 используя LaunchPad.

How to connect LaunchPad with MSP430F2011

  If we connect LaunchPad with MSP430F2011 via four wires, last can be programmed without any problems.  Exactly the same, for any MSP430 microcontrollers.
MSP430F2011& LaunchPad
  For example, the other microcontroller (MSP430G2230) can be programmed in the same way.

  Much more interesting is that the Code Composer Studio from TI's, continues to work in the same way and does not notice the trick.

  When programming is finished , disconnect MSP430. Now he can work independently.

  Whatever you do, you must save C1, R1 (reset circuit) in a "stand alone
" schematic. Without them, nothing will work.

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