Panasonic RD-9580. VHF TV Sound Converter for FM Radio (at 108.3 MHz).

It is small and nice device made in the style of Panasonic.

  This  converter  that  allows  you  to  receive  TV  sound  on  a  simple  FM  receiver  tuned  to  the  frequency  of  108.3 MHz.

  On  the  side  there  is  a  spring-loaded  bracket  that  allows  you  to  fix  the  device  on  the  whip  antenna  of  the  FM  radio.  The  only  condition - the  device  must  have  a  direct  connection  to  the  telescopic  antenna.

  If  the  antenna  is  insulated on the outside,  the  device  will  not  work  directly.  In  this  case  it  is  necessary  to  connect  a  separate  antenna  to  the  top  screws  and,  with  a  single  wire,  connect  device  output  to  the  antenna  input  (or  directly  to  antenna)  of  the  FM  radio.

  Below  you  will  find  original  Operating  Instructions  from  Panasonic  on  how  these  connections  must  be  made.  Several  other  documents,  which  were  included  in  the  package,  are  very  interesting  to  read,  too.

  In  any  case,  we  have  a  converter  that  converts  TV audio  carrier  frequencies  for  channels 2 - 6  and  Ch.7 - Ch.13  to  the  108.3 MHz,  at  which  your  radio  must  be tuned.

  On the wiki, you can find tables that show the frequencies assigned to broadcast television channels in various regions of the world. To be more precise, they were attached to each analog television channel in different countries. Right now it does not matter, because all jumped on the digital television, the majority (or all) of these channels are free of analog TV.

  OK. Here are a few photos of how it looks like.

Panasonic RD-9580, antenna side.
Panasonic RD-9580.

  Right now is the time to see what is inside.

Panasonic RD-9580. TV to FM Radio Converter.

  The following two pictures show the same thing, only more detailed.

  On the right photo you can see two contacts, made of conductive rubber, which are connect converter to the antenna.

  I did not take schematic diagram from this device, but an educated guessing shows that this is a well done VHF  converter.

On one side - receiver, which covers frequencies 59 to 88 MHz and 179 to 216 MHz.

On the other side - FM transmitter operating at 108.3 MHz.

In the middle - a ceramic 'band pass' filter.

  No matter how well it was done, it's dead to receive the TV sound. Just because there is nothing to take. Analog television is no longer in air.

  But it does not make this device useless. Why? Because it is the best and simple tool that allows you to find bugs (small transmitters with a microphone).  In order to determine whether the wireless microphone in the room does not take more then one minute. And it much faster than scan the place with any special equipment.

  And, of course, it can be used as a receiver for the same FM radio microphones, operating in the frequency range 59 - 108 MHz, or 179 - 216 MHz (range 88 - 108 MHz FM radio covers itself). If FM transmitter is far away, you can connect an external TV antenna, according to the labels on the back side of converter housing.

Panasonic RD-9580. Back side.
Panasonic RD-9580. Antenna connection.

  It's all.

  Next to the photo of the packaging box, you can find a scan of the documents (*.pdf) that were in.

     1. Panasonic RD-9580. Operating Instructions.   Page 1

     2. Panasonic RD-9580. Operating Instructions.   Page 2

     3.  Panasonic RD-9580. Limited Warranty Card.   Page 1

     4.  Panasonic RD-9580. Limited Warranty Card.   Page 2

     5.  Panasonic RD-9580. Nearest Authorized Servicenter.   Page 1

     6.  Panasonic RD-9580. Nearest Authorized Servicenter.   Page 2

                        P.S. It is interesting that even after 40 years, this device is still alive.

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