RS-232 and TCore Linux as a serial data logger.

Simply, I like to test old things.

  Information from a RS-232 to a file, with Linux.

  I have a very old GPS (DeLORME Tripmate), which works through the COM port. Right now I want to see what information he gives to the port and save it for further investigation. Of course, this should be done simply as possible.
  Thus, the problem falls into two parts. To figure out pin out of 9 pin connector, safely connect it to COM port, and collect data, which flows from the port, to a text file.
  Both tasks are very simple to solve.

  Pin out.

  Because only three wires come to the connector, it is very difficult to confuse something. Power, ground and data signal (TX) - all we need.

  Because I'm very lazy to do additional research about this GPS, then it's easier for me to connect oscilloscope and find out wich bit rate is used for transmit data.

  The 'transmission time' for a bit is about 0.2 milliseconds. In a second - 5000 bits can be transferred. The nearest bit rate - 4800 baud. 4800 it's it.
  In addition, the voltage amplitude is 10 volts, which indicates a standard RS-232 interface, which can be connected to any computer.

   On the computer side.

  Remember that we want to receive and save data from COM port, for further investigation or so. We will do this in the simplest way. Tiny Core Linux, without any addition, will make this work for us.

   A short story.


In case of inaccuracies - let me know. The address is below.

09.07.2017  SKootS



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