SBG6580 port forwarding

I'm sure you did not read the manual for SBG-6580.

  3.29  How to get 'Port Forwarding' running on Motorola (Arris) SBG-6580.

  Most people do not read the doc's that comes with any equipment.

Generally speaking, you have to read manual . On the page 64: "Note: If you enable the firewall and set up custom port triggers, then you must set the firewall protection level to "Low" or "Off" to allow the traffic through those custom ports". By common sense, the port redirection should correct firewall settings automatically, but the programmers were very lazy to do this. 
  Now, to make port redirection run, it is necessary to change the firewall settings.
The rest you can do by intuition.

  Next, for fun only: how to do it & how to check it.

ow to do it.

1.1  Set up fixed IP for internal computer or web/SSH server (optional). My int. IP =
1.2  Set
port redirection for Port 80 to 80 for web & port 22 to 22 for SSH.
1.3  Set
firewall settings to "Low".
Start Enjoying the life.

2.1 Check it (open ports).
2.2 Check your web page from the outside.

  1.1  Basic - DHCP   -->   Reserve IP Address.

 --- This is not necessary, but very convenient in the future.

* And again, here's a trick. You must "Delete" this computer (from the table) at the beginning and when the changes are saved, restart the computer (box,, so that he accepts a new IP address. *

    1.2  Advanced   -->   Port Forwarding.

Necessary for me: port 80 for HTTP (Web Server) & port 22 for remote access to server via SSH.

  1.3   Firewall   -->   Protection Level.

Use "Low" & do not forget to click "Apply" button.

  1.4   DONE.   Enjoy.

--- If you have a second Internet access, from cell phone, for example, then you can quickly check whether your Web server is working (or not :).

  2.1   Check it (open ports).

If you do not have a second IP, to access to your cable modem/router from outside, then Arris recommend to use that will help you to check open ports on your external IP address.

  This only works for your ext. IP address, and allows you to check one port at a time.

2.2   Check how your web page looks, from outside.

  Here, we will use the first test found by Google. "" it's it. It helps you see how your page will look on different devices.

  And this is a page, that it returns.

  Done!  It was a fun : )

Simple, like this. And everything works.

Apr.28, 2018  SKootS



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