10.   Any repairs yourself, including radios..

    10.2 A good radio Sony ICF-2010, a standard problem.

If you find 499 $ to buy this radio, you will be able to repair it, yourself! Do everything slowly and carefully.


    It's about radio, Sony ICF-2010.  It is, of course, 1985 release. Now - 2012, and it finally stopped working. After turning on the screen shows, only "ERROR.3" and silence...

   On what is a good receiver will not tell. It's just a GREAT machine, which covers all that is possible. Single-sideband modulation, the same thing. In general, RADIO should be just THAT!

  And then, in less than 27 years ... All the more sad that it happened by itself. Unless, of course, do not assume that his life was stemmed in the campaigns between the house, overnight stays, fishing, Dnepro water, sea and ocean.

  Anyway, a quick search on-net and gave the traditional results. Therefore, the statement, which was downloaded from the Web site Sony, specifically said that "ERROR.3" - this is a problem with power, and nothing more. Batteries, external power supply - it does not matter. The main thing that is not part of the processor board.
  In short, the problem with the battery unit. It is located in the back cover and connects to the motherboard using the contacts. No wires on the back cover of the printed circuit board is provided.

  On the left picture a place where connecting the positive and negative contact of the battery compartment. On the right - a place where there was a positive contact spring (visible in the next photo).

    Time, of course, has its. Plastic deformed and positive contact the battery compartment lost connection to the board .
 The problem is clear. How to repair each chooses. Heat the plastic materials and level (glue) does not pass for an old plastic. It will crack somewhere else. And it will look - not good. It would be possible to add connection with conventional wires. This simple solution will work, but I do not like it. I installed an additional "clip" that clings to the edge of the plastic and makes the plastic wall flat. It takes time, but looks very good as the original.
  Nothing more. Tighten 6 screws and enjoy your radio.



  If you want to disassemble this radio, for example for cleaning, you need to know that without a soldering it can not be done. There are no connectors (other than flexible cables to the CPU unit). Therefore,  necessary unsolder magnetic antenna
and a speaker wires.

   The right picture can help to solder the wires of the magnetic antenna in its place. Although they signed on the board.

  My mistake was that I wanted to do everything, "Quick," and in the beginning did not unsolder the wires from the magnetic antenna. But I quickly corrected.

  Unscrewing the three screws, you can raise the RF board. Carefully, because it connected two loops on the processor side. After a recent trip, you need to unsolder the three wires going to the "variable capacitor". In quotes, because it is an encoder, which transmits the signal to processor (the position of the tuning knob).

  There is one unpleasant moment - the wires coming from the radio frequency board to the indicator board.

  This wire without connectors, but long enough. Before you raise the CPU board, it must be carefully straightened.

  Then you can gradually remove the motherboard from the case, constantly pushing this
cable in the gap.

  As soon as enough space - unscrew one screw on the
indicator board and remove it.

  * The speaker is better to remove too. It is a good idea to clean it (the front portion of the cone and the outer side of the magnet). This is easily done by using chewing gum :)

  That's all.  Do carefully and you will be successful.

*** Of course, it good to have disassembly photos. Step by step.  The value of the past begin to think in the process of assembly :)

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