XBOX ONE Power Supply

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1. How to do this and the schematic diagram.

  Let's not talk about hacking and reverse engineering. Go to the main thing. You or your friends have a dead power brick for Microsoft "XBox One" and you need to animate it. Just for fun, turn it over and make sure that the label looks like:

   Here we will only be interested in output voltages and currents, mainly +12V 17,9A.
   The big secret is that you can not reliably repair this power supply even if you know what a soldering iron is. There are many reasons for this and you may take my word for it.
    On the other hand, we have, at home, a lot of ATX power supplies from old computers that are fully compatible with a power requirement of "XBox One" and can serve as a full replacement. For example:

    As before, we focus only on whether it can provide +12V 18A, and +5V 1A (standby). This particular, fully suited.
    And now, I want to upset you a little. You can not do this by simply connecting several wires between. And there are two main reasons for this. First, "XBox One", as well as "XBox 360", have inverse logic to turn the power supply on and off. Secondly, any computer power supply (ATX is no exception), requires a load on +5V line, which does not exist in XBox.
    If to shorten, the final schatic diagram, which was tested in the lab. with "XBox One", is as follows.

    Here, transistor VT1 simply inverts the 'Power ON' signal from XBox. Resistors R1 & R2 only for reliable switching. Automotive lamp LB1 (type 3057 or so) provides load on the 5 Volts line (~ 2Amps), when the power supply is on. Two-color LEDs D1 & D2 (yellow/green) indicate the status of the power supply, just as the LED on the original one does.

    Link about "real life" of this project - here, or under the last picture.
    It's all. Repeat this exactly and enjoy the games on "XBox", again.

2. Supplement, or for reference, only.

    It is interesting that Microsoft has applied a unique power connector that does not occur anywhere. Maybe you will be interested to know the pin out.

    Double rings (external and internal) supply 'Ground' & 12 Volts. Central pins - 'ON/OFF' input, and 5 Volts 'Standby'. Just be careful with multimeter's probes checking this power supply. Do not short pins and internal rings.

    In addition to the connector, it would be nice to know where and by what colors it is connected to the board. It's simple.

    Out of focus - two 'status' LEDs. Additional information about the manufacturer and its part number, the same is not bad.

     Next - If you want to find out what's in the middle of this power supply.

    We can make a detailed analysis of what and where is, but it's very few people interested.

     And same board from bottom:

    There is no conclusion of this article, but I think that you found what you were looking for, with the exception of the schematic diagram, that I do not have at the moment, the same. By the way, the design differs a little from the usual ATX PS on TK12A50D, except that the output uses a synchronous rectifier with field-effect transistors (TK58A06N1) and there are no output filters that must be in XBox.

* All schematics for reference, only.


June 12, 2017 JB & SKootS


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