RX2/TX2  simple and  really old ...            
1.1 IR/RF remote control set RX/TX2.

  The simplest set for remote control toys that has ever existed. It has been in production for decades, and is still alive. It can take different forms on boards, but the essence remains the same - works with buttons, only.


   Designed to work with 4 "directional" buttons and one "turbo" button. Pressing the "direction's" buttons causes a 50% PWM. Turbo changes it to 100% PWM. Encoding occurs by the number of pulses in the packet, which follow continuously while the button is pressed.

  RX2/TX2 have a timing resistor (from 75k to 200k), which must be the same in transmitter and receiver. Usually it is 100k, but it can be different if remotes, operating on the same frequency, must control different toys. If you want to make a universal remote control, replace it with a variable. Timing, for real RX2/TX2 remote control, is next.


  It is better, of course, to read the manuals / datasheets for similar RX2/TX2 chips  here , here, or here !

  The following picture is only for a better understanding of how it works.

  Forbidden combinations which do not make sense (as 'left forward' and 'left back', simultaneously) are ignored for transmission.

  This is all you need to know about RX2/TX2 in order to use it creatively.


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