If you have any FTS (Free To Share) schematic diagrams

connected to the simple devices on a small solar panels, 
I will be happy to publish them on this page.  SK2017.   
Thank you.                                   .
1. Solar Garden Lights based on Integrated Circuits.

Unstable version of YX8018 or YX8019. Obsolete.

YX802 (.pdf)  YX803 (.pdf)  YX805 (.pdf)  YX806 (.pdf)

YX8018 (.pdf) and YX8019 (.pdf)

No (.pdf) information was found.

No (.pdf) information was found.

This is not an official document: JD1803 (.pdf)

ANA608 (.pdf)   ANA608-6 (.pdf)  ANA618 (.pdf)  

   * Same 5252F, 2 LED connected, at 1V and 2V.
QX5252F, 5252F (.pdf)  and QX5251(.pdf)   QX5253 (.pdf)

No (.pdf) information was found.

In addition, several documents have been found , about similar chips.
QX1803 (,pdf)   SC6604 (.pdf)  CL0118B (.pdf)  SY3106 (.pdf)  LC3101(.pdf) NCP1400A(.pdf)  XC6371 XC6372(.pdf)

The good side is that on any of these DC-DC converters you can build a power source for MSP430 or so.

Same, with "Sleep" mode. IDLE current consumption reduced to 10uA.

The following circuit is DC-DC converter, from radio Sony. Just as an example of a simple and good circuit design.

Additiotal links - at the bottom of this page.

2. Solar LED Garden Lights made ​​with discrete components.

* Schematics may differ slightly.

CDS, on all circuits, is a photo resistor (light-dependent resistor >1M in dark, and 300 Ohms at sun light).

Interestingly, they have almost same circuits.

I like it because the schematic diagram has a different idea.

Very old, and looks like home made.

The same thing, only slightly modified to get a 5 volts.

Some explanation of how it works (source link under the picture).


Garden light with unusual circuit on CD4001. L1 - 460uH.

 These waveforms to explain how it works.

3. Solar LED Garden Lights (direct powered LED).

The simplest. Siemens Pathmarker, model 16953:

In case where two rechargeable batteries and Yellow LED:

One 3.6V Li-Ion rechargeable battery and overcharging protection:

4. Simple dual-mode Flashlight

Emergency Flashlight has two options. ON constantly or short flashes every 0.8 second.

     * Only an example of what will happen if the capacitance of the capacitor is increased to 3.3uF.

* 5. 120V 12 LED bulb, as source of Hi-Power LEDs (schem. diag. here).
* 6. Very low voltage DC-DC converter for LED, on a single transistor - here.
* 7. TRONY, small solar panels - link, (saved as .pdf file).
* 8.  Panasonic Solar's handbook (saved here).
* 9.1  DC-DC converter 1.2 to 3.3 Volts (for MSP430G2011) based on ANA618 (ready)
* 9.2  DC-DC from 1,2V to 3,1V/1,9V ('Sleep' mode) for MSP430 on YX8018  (ready)
* 10.  L-meter, measures from 1uH to 200uH, based on YX8018 / YX8019 (ready)
* 11. Sony radio (ICF-2010, ICF-2001D), schematic diagram - (on this page)

* All schematics for reference, only.


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